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Collectors of Exakta cameras and other Ihagee products and people interested in the history of this factory and its founder, Johan Steenbergen, will find practical and background information on this site.

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Wer besitzt das Buch  Werner Wurst - Das kleine Fotobuch zur Auto-Ultrix und Pionier-Automat-Kamera.
Bitte sagen Sie es mir hugo.ruys@ihagee.org

The pictures show Johan Steenbergen in 1924 and in the 1960's

Main Index

History of Ihagee

Short history of Ihagee
History of Ihagee 1912-1945
IHAGEE, Son histoire jusq'en 1945
"My uncle Johan Steenbergen", reminiscences by his nephew Hein Ehrhardt
Photos of Ihagee factory buildings
Personal memories of a young man from Dresden


Exakta Lens List
2404 items
Headers and codes in the Exakta Lens List
Pre-war cameras: list of models and production years
Pre-war cameras: Ihagee Camera Identification Model
The rare military prewar Exakta 66
Setting the Exakta shutter
Equipment Manuals
Equipment Catalogues Katalogen
11 Reparaturanleitungen (Repair manuals) & 16 Ersatzteilliste (Spare parts lists)
Strange offers of Ihagee/Exakta items on eBay List1 List2 List3 List4 List5 List6 List7 List8
The mercury cell (1,35V) problem and its solutions, by Frans de Gruijter
Ihagee Patents, Patente, Brevets d'invention, Brevetti d'inventione
Ihagee Brands, Schutzmarken, Marques
Ihagee Designs,Gebrauchsmuster, Modèles déposées
On measuring lens resolution with Exakta cameras
On using digital cameras to measure the resolution of Exakta-mount lenses.

Equipment Manuals  Gebrauchsanleitungen  Modes d'emploi

VP Exakta English
Kine-Exakta 1936 deutsch
Exakta 6x6 1938 deutsch
Kine-Exakta from Sterling-Howard English
Kine-Exakta 1937 English
Kine-Exakta II English
IHG-1951 Gebrauchsanweisung Kine-Exakta II 2s
Exakta Varex Français
Exakta Varex VX English
Exakta 66 Vertical 1953 English
Novoflex bellows English
Exa I deutsch
Exa I English
Exakta VX English
Exakta Varex IIa graviert 1957 deutsch
Exakta VX IIa 1957 English
Exa 1957 English
Exakta real deutsch
Exakta RTL 1000 Français (Belge)

Autocouple Exakta  extension set 1957 English
Distance meter ground glass 1959 English

Equipment Catalogues Katalogen

Ihagee Kataloge 1914 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1921 deutsch
Ihagee catalogus 1922 Nederlands/Dutch
Ihagee catalogus 1924-25 Nederlands/Dutch
Ihagee Kataloge 1924-25 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1925 deutsch
Ihagee catalogue Fa Naert en Français
Ihagee Kataloge 1925-26 deutsch
Ihagee catalogue 1925-26 English
Ihagee Kataloge 1926-1927 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1927 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1927-28 deutsch
Ihagee catalogue 1828 English
Ihagee Kataloge 1928-29 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1929-1930 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge "Wir, reisen" ± 1930
Ihagee Kataloge-catalogue 1930-31 in 4 Sprachen 4 languages
Ihagee Katalogue 1932 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1933 deutsch Export
Ihagee Kataloge 1934 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1934 deutsch Export
Ihagee Kataloge 1935 deutsch
Ihagee catalogue 1934 Français
Ihagee catalogue 1935 Français
Ihagee Kataloge 1937 deutsch
Ihagee Kataloge 1939 deutsch

VP & Kine Exakta 1938 Garner&Jones London
Catalogue général Nº 7 Établissements H. Marguet 1954 Français
Ihagee Kataloge 1929 "in aller Welt"
Sortimentskatalog Foto '70
Catalogue ORWO Belge (Ned. et Français)
Din gute Kamera von Dresdensia, Dresden Teil 1
Din gute Kamera von Dresdensia, Dresden Teil 2
Catalogue Garner & Jones 1937
Catalogue Garner & Jones 1939
Kataloge deutsche Kamera-Aussenhandelsgesellschaft 1960

Ihagee/Exakta collectors' clubs

The UK-based Exakta Circle of Ihagee/Exakta collectors
The French Exakta Ihagee Club de France
The Dutch Ihagee/Exakta collectors' group

The site owner

)verig/hdr.gif (42597 bytes) My name is Hugo Ruys. I am a Dutchman, born in 1938. My portrait (from sometime ago) is on the right.
Since about 1975 I have collected all Ihagee products and all Exakta lenses except Japanese (unless they are in some way exceptional), all Ihagee equipment and most non-Ihagee equipment for Exakta.
More important, I collect information about the history of the Ihagee company (East and West) and its founder/owner Johan Steenbergen, and will make (part of) this available to you on this site.
I try to keep in contact with other collectors by being member of the British Exakta Circle and the French Exakta Ihagee Club de France (EICF), by attending the International Ihagee/Exakta Conventions (and sometimes being involved in the organisation of them) and by maintaining a list of Dutch Ihagee collectors (this list is not a club; most of them are members of the Dutch Society of Photographica Collectors "Fotografica").
I also maintain contact with the family of Steenbergen, in particular with the boards of the Steenbergen Stichting (=foundation) and the Stichting Steenbergen Caerus, and represent the Ihagee Collectors of the World (you) when the Steenbergen Stipendia are handed out to the best Dutch photography student of the year and every other year \ to the author of the chosen study on the history of the province of Drenthe, where Steenbergen was

Supporters of this site
Several people have supplied information (articles, scans of documents, pictures, reports, data) to publish on this site.
I want to mention at least the following supporters of ihagee.org:
Hein Ehrhardt, then president of the Steenbergen Foundation, author of  "My uncle Steenbergen"
Svend Erik Jeppesen, author of the Danish articles in the Danish Department
Gary Cullen and Klaus Rademaker, allowing me to use the lens data from "Exakta Obscurities"
Frans de Gruijter, author of the article on the disappeared mercury batteries
The Exakta Ihagee Club de France, allowing me to publish older articles from the magazine l'Exacta
Michel Rouah, allowing me to use the lens data in his book Exakta Collection
Evgeny Shovikov, provider of the russian material in Other Languages
Mark Stuecheli and Jim Focht, providers of an enormous amount of scanned material, mostly from the USA
The participants in the Topica Exakta Discussion group
Michael Higgins & Ove Davidsen, providing research reports on Exakta lens resolution
Rainer Dierchen, provider of  a lot of material in the German language
Michael Sorms (Lukoszek), providing scans of all Ihagee Repair Manuals, Spare Parts Lists and many patents
Heinrich Degen, providing scans of many folders and brochures in the German language
Peter Lanczak, providing a really immense amount of information
Olaf Nattenberg, author of the article on "The Largest Exakta Exhibition in the World" in German (auf deutsch)
John Richardson, who supplied various contents

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How to find other useful and interesting sites

http://www.exaktacircle.org of the Exakta Circle
http://www.exakta-cf.org of the Ihagee Exakta Club de France
http://www.exakta.org run by Maurizio Frizziero
http://www.exaklaus.de/homepage.htm run by Klaus Rademaker
http://www.peterlanczak.de/ihagee.htmrun by Peter Lanczak
http://www.exaktaphile.com run by Miles Upton
http://www.exaktapages.com run by Olaf Nattenberg
http://www.dresdner-kameras.de/ihagee_exakta/ihagee_exakta.html run by Michael Sorms
http://www.steenbergen-stichting.nl (Dutch only)
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Problems, questions, additions or remarks

Problems with opening some items

Many items (files) are in .pdf format, which means that you need the program Adobe Reader (version 3.0 or higher) to read them.
If Acrobat Reader is installed on your machine, it should start automatically when you click on the item.
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Remarks or questions in general

If you have remarks or questions about Ihagee, its products and history, its founder Johan Steenbergen or about this site, please send me a message. E-mail is the fastest and cheapest, but there are other ways.
You may address me in Dutch, English or German. In writing and if you keep it simple, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish may work as well. I prefer to answer in English or Dutch; German is also possible.

H.D. Ruys (or Hugo Ruys)
Tesselschadelaan 20
The Netherlands

tel +31 35 6244597
fax (no longer)
e-mail: hugo.ruysATihagee.org   (for  AT  read @)

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Index to Information from the Topica Exakta List

NB This is information I collected/selected from discussions on the Topica Exakta List. The original input came from many persons. This means that the "I" in the texts is not me but can be many different persons, even under one heading.  

Battery 1.35V replacement link
Batteries for Twin TL link
Cambridge camera still in business? link
Camera condition descriptions link
Camera fair, lists of link
Classic Camera, link to link
Codes in the backs of Exaktas link
Cold War products of Ihagee??? link
Connectors, East-West connector link
Connectors, Exakta lens on Bolex 16mm link
Connectors, P6 that doesn't fit short lenses link
Connectors, Tamron Adaptall for  Exakta? link
Dealers link
eBay, warning about some sellers link link
eBay, rules for great pictures on eBay link
Embossed nameplate on Exakta IIa, why? link
Enna Sockel lenses link
Exa II/500, Exakta 500, reliability oflink
Exa with black flange link
Exakta VX1000, variants of link
Exakta VX1000 with(out) TL link
Exakta 66 postwar horizontal model link
Exakta 66, History of the = Pentacon Six (by Hans Roskam) link
Exakta Camera Company, ownership of (with correction/additions by Wirgin's grandson) link
Exakta Obscurities, the Book, contents, ordering link
Exaktar Ihagee lens 3.5-50mm link
"Exakta" lenses from "Pentacon" link
Exaktar & Pancolar, original and/or copy? link
Film, buying and processing 127 film (2002-2003) link
Flash on Exakta, mounting brackets link
Flashing, premature link
Fungus in/on lenses  link link link
History, the downfall of Exakta link
History, a better (past) future for Ihagee? link
History, background of Exakta EDX2 and EDX3 link
History, the right to use the name Exakta link
History, USSR occupied link 
How to check a newly arrived Exakta link
Infrared photography with an Exakta link
Lenses, automatic diaphragm mechanisms link
Lenses, is infinity infinity with telelenses? link
Lenses, fitting problems link
Lenses, Kin-Dar & Hyponar link
Lenses, manufacturers of Vivitar and Soligor link
Lenses, making one-out-of-two? link
Lenses, the origin of coating!? link link
Lenses, perspective control lens link
Lenses, removing locking pins link
Lenses, radioactivity of link link link link
Lenses, Scheider & ISCO link
Lenses, the fate of Spiratone link
Lenses, what is the VadeMecum link
Lenses, What IS an Exakta lens? link
Leatherette on old Ultrix =? on old Exa link
Lumimax enlargers link
Meyer Carl vs Karl, lenses link
Meyer Domiplan link
Meyer independent of Ihagee and v.v.? link
Micro/macrometer from Ihagee, versions of link
Movie Rear Window, lens used in link
Movie The Public Eye & Peewee link
Narex, Exakta link
NON-Exakta Ihagee cameras link
Parvola, model out of line? link 
Pentacon Club (also for Exakta) link
Photos taken with an Exakta, link to link
Pop Photo Magazine available on internet??? link
Quality, are Exakta lenses of the past still good enough? link
Quality changes in Exakta VX1000 link
Quality: what is the MTF factor link
Quality marks (Q1) from the GDR (East Germany) link link 
Rear Window: which lens did James Steward have on his Exakta? link
Repair, Exakta general link link
Repair, glue link
Repair, loosening lenses with WD40 link
Repair, mirror replacement link
Repair, oil or graphite link 
Repair, pinholes in shutters and bellows link link 
Repair, re-covering Exaktas link
Repair, selenium exposure meters yourself link
Repair, Use Romney's Manual or what? link
Ribbed triangle on top of Exakta link
RTL problems, failing film transport link 
RTL problems, how to open metered prism link
RTL problems, shutter lock-up by heat? link 
Shutter, curtains brittle link
Shutter, change curtains yourself link
Shutter, lubricating rollers link
Shutter, pinholes link
Shutter, red curtains link link
Shutter, testing link
Shutter, times measured link
Shutter, which way to turn the short-time setting knob link
Upgrading of Exaktas (Umbau in German) link
View-finders, clear screens link
View-finders, adjustment of ground glass position necessary? link
View-finders, are Exakta viewfinders too dark? link link 
View-finders, old prism finders don't fit Exa I (+) cameras link link
View-finders, problems with split-image screens link
View-finders, special grid screen link
View-finders, split-image range finder 45 degrees useful? link
View-finders, using a wrong screen? link
View-finders, with white interior link
Vigneting on Exas? link
Vigneting, false (in viewfinder only) link
Voss lenses form Germany! Japan? link
VP Exakta, a special one link
VP, how to get a VP-to-coax flash connector link
VP, (not?) nice to use link
VX500, The story of the VERY personalized VX500 link
Zeiss lenses with double bezels (serial number front rings) link
Zeiss Olympia Sonnar for Exakta? link
Zeiss Sonnar 135mm, automatic aperture correction link
Zeiss Sonnar that doesn't fit link

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