The Ihagee multi-lingual dictionary with 5 languages

This is a dictionary of terms and concepts that are of interest to collectors and users of  Exaktas and other Ihagee and related equipment. Its size is and will remain limited, not serving the whole photographic or even photohistoric community.

The dictionary is and will remain under development. For many terms some translations are missing. probably many terms are missing completely. The next version will be better.

If you can fill in the missing translations and/or if you miss terms that should be in this dictionary, please send a message to

This Version Two has five languages: Dutch, German, French, English and Spanish. The "original" dictionary is a MS Access file. On this site it will be presented as Acrobat-files (.pdf-format), sorted on each of the five languages.

Ihagee Woordenboek NEDERLANDS Deutsch Franšais English Espa˝ol
Ihagee W÷rterbuch Nederlands DEUTSCH Franšais English Espa˝ol
Ihagee Dictionnaire Nederlands Deutsch FRANăAIS English Espa˝ol
Ihagee Dictionary Nederlands Deutsch Franšais ENGLISH Espa˝ol
Ihagee Diccionario Nederlands Deutsch Franšais English ESPAĐOL