The Steenbergen Foundation and his biography

Johan Steenbergen himself founded the Steenbergen Stichting (foundation) in 1961 to commemorate his brother Hermann Diedrich, who died during the second Word War. Originally, the purpose of this foundation was not related to photography or its history.

Later, the curatorium (board) of the foundation extended its purpose to commemorate Johan as well as his brother. The main activities of the foundation are:

1 Granting stipends to graduate students of Dutch photo-academies and supporting publication of research papers on the history of the Dutch province Drenthe (where Johan Steenbergen was born).

2 The production of a biography of Johan Steenbergen. This book, Johan Steenbergen, de lachende diplomaat, about 200 pages, in Dutch, written by E.H. Halbertsma (price 25 Euro or about US$ 31 plus postage) can be ordered by sending a message to 1) or

3 The production of a mini-biography of Johan Steenbergen, a summary of the full biography.
The Dutch version, second print is out of stock. You may read it here.
The English version is also out of stock. It is however available here.
Die deutsche Version steht hier zur Verfügung.

If you want to contact the Steenbergen Foundation by mail, you may write to
    Steenbergen Stichting
    Postbus 97871
    NL-2509 GH   DEN HAAG
    The Netherlands

The Internet site of the Steenbergen Foundation is 1)

In March 2011 the foundation announced a split-up, realised in 2010. Now there are two foundations, the Steenbergen Stichting and the Stichting Steenbergen Caerus.

“Information about the Stichting Steenbergen Caerus can be obtained from:
A.E. Dikkers
1 Ryecroft Street
London SW6 3TP