Here you will find articles etc. that have no proper place in the rest of my site structure (yet).
The articles about non-Ihagee cameras with Exakta mount have been moved to their own Chapter.

Hier werden Sie Artikel usw finden die (noch) nicht irgentwo auf meine Seite passen.


17. The Exa 500 by G.P. Lowery read

16. Exakta VX 1000 by Gérard Bouhot 1968 read

15. Exakta Varex als Kamera des Experimentalphysikers lesen

14. Bakteriomikrofotografie lesen

13. Abfahr Optik für Makrofotografie lesen

12. Die größte Exakta-Ausstellung der Welt Gladbeck 2010 lesen

11. Ein Tintentropfen - mit der Exakta Varex beobachtet lesen

10. The (VP) Exakta: its History and Advantages Instalment 1 read

8. Underwater Photography with an Exa (cont.) by HR read

7. The Photorex: everything about the first Ihagee camera by HR read

3. Is this the prototype of the Auto-Ultrix Super? by HR read 

2a. Underwater Photography with an Exa by Hugo Ruys read
2b. Film: How to use the Revue underwaterhousing see

1. War re-enacting with an Exakta (and other cameras) by Daniel Delcroix read